Looking For Search Engines & Directories to Submit to: : I Market Daily

Looking For Search Engines & Directories to Submit to:

by Malendaz Coleman on 08/21/10

Important Search Engines & Directories to Submit to:

Google's Add URL page

Yahoo!'s Free Add URL page
(Note: You need to have a registered Yahoo! account to submit here. Both AltaVista and All The Web are now fed by Yahoo!'s new engine.)

MSN's Add URL page
This is new! MSN's new search engine is still in beta mode (they built it from scratch!), and what I'm seeing so far is impressive. Usually their search engine will find you on its own, but if you're not yet listed, you can submit here.

Entireweb's Add URL page

Accoona's Ad URL page
This is a brand new search engine with its own separate technology and spider. Though it needs a bit of time to "mature" as a search engine, it may very well be a good place to be listed in the future.

Dmoz.org - The Open Directory Project
Choose the most appropriate section for your site.

MusicMoz - Open Music Project
I just recently discovered this Dmoz-like Music directory. The site seems quite popular and submitting to this directory is free. If you're a musician or have a music-related business, I highly recommend it.

The Muse's Muse Music Resource
Again, a music-specific directory. This is also a pay-per-click engine, so if you'd like, you can choose to pay a small amount per click through in order to get your link top placement when someone searches for a particular keyword within the database, or at the top of a particular directory. Look at the "Become a Bidder" link (on that site) for more details.

A new but noteworthy UK directory. You can submit for free, offer a reciprocal link (and get a bit more exposure on their directory for doing so), or pay for very timely inclusion.

Search Engines & Directories Requiring a Fee (or "Paid Inclusion"):

Yahoo! Search Submit
Inktomi and Alta Vista were both bought by Yahoo! - who also owns Overture - which they've now rebranded in their own image. Confused yet? At this location, you can purchase Yahoo's "paid inclusion" offering which will get you into Yahoo!'s search engine, among other places. Pricing varies, but involves both a yearly url review fee (as Inktomi and Lycos' InSite Select used to have prior to this) and a per-click fee that differs depending on your industry. If you need help diciphering this latest Yahoo! offering, I can help.

If you have a business you'd like to advertise, Business.com is a great place to get a listing. $199 US per year will get you five links too - not just one. Well worth being included within though slightly less useful for businesses that operate only locally.

Microsoft bCentral Small Business Directory
While this particular directory may not get you a great many actual clicks straight from it, its value for link popularity may very well be worth the $49 US per year. That dollar amount also entitles you to appear in up to 3 relevant categories - and to have three other links beneath your main url listing (links that can be keyword rich - very handy for search engine optimization!).

This is another very popular directory, brought to you by the folks that used to edit InfoSeek's old Go directory (if you can remember back that far...). Find the most appropriate category for your site and submit it there for a one-time fee of $69.95 US. Paying this amount for an editorial review will get your site reviewed within 2 business days. Once again, this is a nice link to have in terms of search engines' link popularity.

I am a Zeal editor. That means that if your site is for a non-profit organization, or contains a free resource that others might find useful, I can possibly get you listed there. Unfortunately, even the sales of CDs on a musician website is enough to make them ask you to submit to (and pay for) a small business listing instead of a free, non-commercial one. Normally, that means pay-per-click. But LookSmart pulls some of its results from the Zeal directory which can make this a useful link to have.

Normally, a listing within this popular directory is a one-time fee of $39.99 US, but I am also an editor at JoeAnt. If you have a business site that you would like listed in this directory, I can submit it for you as a part of my Full Service Package.

While the Yahoo directory is still fairly popular, it might be advisable to hold off paying for inclusion in this directory until the folks at Yahoo! have figured out where their directory fits in with their new search engine offering. If you can afford the $299 US per year, it might still be useful as a very hefty "vote" in favor of your site (as "affluential" links to your site can be, serving to perhaps give your site a tiny bit of a boost in places like Google that pay attention to such things). But if you don't have the $299 to spare, I wouldn't worry about it. Those in Europe have now been relegated to also paying that $299 fee as the only place you can purchase a place in the Yahoo! directory now, is through the American site.

For other free resources, see the links at the side of the page.

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